Corporate and private events

Private performances

We offer you the opportunity to arrange for a private performance at the Goose on a String Theatre for you and your guests. Such an event may serve as an informal meeting of staff, clients, friends, or business partners (for example, corporate anniversaries, meetings, Christmas parties, etc.).

What we offer:

  • The theatre premises can be reserved for your exclusive use, ordinarily from 5 pm until midnight.
  • We can help you choose a particular performance that is appropriate for the planned event.
  • We will do our best to accommodate your needs with regard to the scheduling of the event.
  • The theatre has the capacity for an audience of around 250 in the Grand Hall (the precise number will depend on the production) and 65 people in the Cellar Stage.
  • Choose from the current repertoire and contact us for a more detailed offer.

Soňa Kalužová / secretary
e-mail:, tel.: 605 297 975

Ondřej Pilát
e-mail:, tel.: 603 444 754

Rental spaces

The spaces available for rent at Goose on a String Theatre are the Grand Hall, the Cellar Stage, the Congress and, in the summer months, the courtyard with café (String Yard).
We offer you the opportunity to rent our unique theatre spaces for corporate or private events. Our premises can be used for cultural, social and corporate events, concerts, VIP parties, conferences, filming, and film casting.

Grand Hall - capacity 250 people
Cellar Stage - capacity 65 people
Congress - capacity 60-80 people (according to the arrangement of Seating)
String Yard - capacity 50–100 people

Soňa Kalužová / secretary
e-mail:, phone: 605 297 975