Dynasty (Lehman Trilogy)

Stefano Massini
directed by Michal Dočekal

The Lehman Brothers

Chapters from the history of capitalism. At the beginning was a suitcase and a ship to America. At the end, the fourth largest bank in the USA. A story from a time when you could still only trade what you could touch.

This engrossing portrait of a German-Jewish family begins with the arrival of one of the Lehman brothers in America, where he opened a small shop, and ends with the bankruptcy of the world-famous Lehman Brothers bank, triggering the global economic crisis. However, Michal Dočekal’s production does not focus on dry economic facts and figures, but is full of spontaneous theatricality, playfulness and a wild tempo in keeping with the saying “time is money!” The Goose on a String presents the Czech premiere of this internationally successful play.

Ivan Acher’s music was nominated for the Theatre Critics’ Award.

You don't speak Czech? our subtitles are best seen from the first to third row.

stage production team

  • director: Michal Dočekal
  • translation: Irena Novotná
  • dramaturge: Miroslav Oščatka
  • scenography: Dragan Stojčevski
  • costume designer: Sylva Zimula Hanáková
  • music: Ivan Acher
  • assistant director: Adam Steinbauer
  • stage manager: Hana Senková
  • photographer: Jakub Jíra
  • banjo: Václav Štefl
  • accordion: Jana Vébrová
  • drums: Miloš Dvořáček
  • Tenor saxophone: Pavel Hrubý
  • alto saxophone: Marcel Bárta
  • trumpet: František Kučera and Oskar Török
  • trombone: J. J. Jirucha
  • Suzafon: Jan Matásek

persons and cast

  • Henry Lehman (1822-1855) Adam Mašura j.h.
  • Emanuel Lehman (1827-1907) Jan Kolařík
  • Mayer Lehman (1830-1897) Tomáš Milostný j.h.
  • Philip Lehman (1861-1947) Dalibor Buš
  • Robert Lehman (1891-1969) Milan Holenda
  • Herbert Lehman (1878-1963) Tomáš Žilinský
  • Irving Lehman (1876-1945) Tereza Marečková


May 3, 2017 - provázek.sál


155 minutes, with an intermission

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