Gadjos go to heaven

Jiří Havelka et al.
directed by Jiří Havelka

Comedy Ghetto

Wanna stand up to racism? Wanna stand up? Let´s stand up then!

Think you have no prejudices? Think you don't see in black and white? Then embark on a Czech-Romani stand-up expedition under your own grey cortex! To the earlier evolutionary domains of the reptilian and mammalian brain, which are all about one thing: survival.

A carefully assembled Czech-Romani team of performers on Czech-Romani coexistence. About prejudice on both sides of that hyphen. About the (im)possibility of eliminating it. With humour and without it. In an unconventionally configured space with live music. In times of growing xenophobia and racism, when even the highest mammalian brains of the state dare to put forth the lie that 90% of Romanies do not work. A real team effort.

Jiří Havelka (1980) is one of the most interesting and versatile personalities of contemporary Czech theatre. He is a director, playwright, actor, moderator, and for several years was head of the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU in Prague. His original and award-winning productions are often founded on the method of collective improvisations, and he is repeatedly drawn to complex and delicate social themes and surprising forms of theatricalization.


Gadžové jdou do nebe. V Havelkově inscenaci o rasismu zní z jeviště romština
Když je černá bílou. Inscenace Gadžové jdou do nebe je neotřelá
Divadelní noviny: Sukces měsíce
Tak dlóho bžodajó a štípajó, až uštípajó…

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May 29, 2020 - provázek.dvůr


130 minuts, with an intermission

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