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Reasons to support us

Are you one of those people for whom culture is not a foreign word? Do you have an affinity for contemporary art and are you looking for a way to personally advance its development? We offer you the opportunity to support an artistically ambitious Brno theatre with a long tradition and a long list of successes both at home and abroad.

We see our supporters as partners. We strive for a long-term, well thought out and mutually meaningful relationship with them, which offers not only the opportunity for them to be visible in support of specific projects, such as productions, festivals or exhibitions, but also the opportunity for them to become part of the life of our theatre.

For each of our supporters we prepare a tailor-made package that caters to their needs and interests, so that they can use our partnership as an effective way of promoting their organization or giving employees and partners the opportunity to enjoy cultural experiences.

Would you like to become a supporter of Goose on a String Theatre? I would be happy sit down with you and prepare a package tailored to your specific needs.

Eva Yildizová / Theatre Intendant
Tel.: 733 529 799

Season tickets for friends and supporters

We are keen to broaden the community of friends and supporters of our theatre and would like to offer you the opportunity to support and establish a closer and more personal relationship with the String. For this purpose, we are introducing new season tickets with special benefits and a more personal service. This includes:

    • the opportunity to come and see any 5 performances from our repertoire (we’d be happy to help you choose);
    • the opportunity to reserve your favourite seat in advance;
    • a private tour of the theatre ending with a celebratory drink on the balcony, which offers a unique view of the city;
    • invitations to all the String’s premieres and VIP events.

The price of a season ticket for one person is 5000 CZK

Alžběta Nagyová / sales, promotions, PR
Tel.: 737 754 151

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