Of Dogs and Cats

Jiří Jelínek
director: Jiří Jelínek

How Josef and Karel Čapek baked a cake

A children’s story by the well-known dramatist, director and actor Jiří Jelínek based on Josef Čapek’s popular book “I Had a Dog and a Cat”. A theatrical cake made up of treats for all the family. Enriched with music by Zdeněk Král, this is a charming exploration of who is better – dogs or cats, boys or girls, writers or painters, with occasional dark undertones from the pre-war age which can only be heard by the adult ear.

stage production team

  • director: Jiří Jelínek
  • dramaturge: Nora Obrtelová
  • scenography: Matěj Pospíšil
  • music: Zdeněk Král
  • photographer: Jakub Jíra

persons and cast


Apr 9, 2017 - provázek.sklep


50 min