Oskar and the Pink Lady

Éric Emmanuel Schmitt
directed by Hana Mikolášková

a letter to God

Oskar is ten and is ill. Leukaemia or something. Granny Rose from the hospital may be a lot older, but she is a great source of brilliant stories. And unlike his parents, she can talk to him without freaking out.

Despite the fact that the main character from the acclaimed novel by French author É.E. Schmitt is a terminally ill child, death is not the central theme. The story of the friendship between the inquisitive Oskar, who is writing a letter to God, and the totally cool Granny Rose, tells us much more about life, love and hope.

The unsentimental and humorous style of the original book, as well as the way in which it has been adapted by Vladimír Hauser and Ivana Hloužková, prevents audiences from becoming voyeurs of others’ suffering, and leads them, together with Oskar, to ask fundamental questions of childlike simplicity which they might have stopped asking long ago.

stage production team

  • director: Hana Mikolášková
  • translation: Denisa Brosseau-Kerschová
  • photographer: Kateřina Barvířová
  • stage manager: Nikol Vrbová


May 22, 2018 - provázek.sklep


60 minutes, without an intermission