Anna Pammrová, Otokar Březina
directed by Jan Frič

Sunrise in the West of Ecofeminism

What are you doing? Are you living? Or just eking out a living? Pages in a rather interesting style of writing. Half-sentences steeped in cloudy irony. From loneliness to loneliness. After all, it is nice to be alone, but not forsaken.

An autumn encounter. After almost forty years of silence, a revival in the correspondence between Anna Pammrová and Otokar Březina, the worn-down-by-life and unjustly forgotten philosopher from the forests near Tišnov and renowned poet of Mysterious Ranges. Two souls, upon which the same word, ‘original’, is engraved. They talk about nature, the lot of women and the folly of the masses, and from one pole to the other send their greetings: sisterly, fraternal, and platonic.

You have to visit me once!

stage production team


Dec 3, 2021 - provázek.sklep


premiere in planning