Regulations for Visitors

Centre for Experimental Theatre (CET) Regulations for Visitors

  1. In purchasing a ticket, the theatregoer agrees to abide by these CET Regulations for Visitors. Refunds will only be given before entry to the theatre.
  2. CET Regulations for Visitors are without prejudice to the obligations for the CET theatregoer arising from generally binding legal regulations or legal acts or acts issued on the basis thereof, good morals, rules of courtesy and good behaviour, and obligations arising from the organizational instructions of CET staff.
  3. The theatregoer is responsible for his/her own safety on CET premises. CET will only liable for damage to health or property which has been the result of the intentional or negligent behaviour of its employees or persons acting in a similar capacity.
  4. The theatregoer is obliged to behave in such a way that he/she does not damage the property of CET or its legitimate interests, or any other person, or breach good morals, common courtesy and good behaviour, or public order or morality, and that he/she does not disturb the performance or harass any other theatregoer. The theatregoer is also obliged to maintain cleanliness and order.
  5. In order to comply with the provisions of CET Regulations for Visitors, the theatregoer is obliged to obey the instructions of CET staff, who are responsible for the smooth operation of the performance. In the case where CET Rules for Visitors are violated, the theatregoer may be asked to leave CET premises.
  6. CET staff are authorized to refuse entry to or remove from CET premises anyone who:
    • is reasonably suspected of being intoxicated or ingesting narcotic or psychotropic substances, or endangering safety on CET premises;
    • is inappropriately dressed, i.e., in soiled, torn or smelly clothing, or unsuitable clothing such as sweatpants, overalls and other work clothes, etc.;
    • is in possession of their own refreshments for consumption during the performance (there are reserved areas on CET premises where refreshments are offered before the start of the performance and during the break. It is forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age);
    • whose conduct raises suspicion that they may be committing any of the criminal offences or misdemeanours specified in Act No. 40/2009 Coll. of the Criminal Code, as amended. Any such person will be removed from the theatre and handed over to the Police of the Czech Republic.
  7. CET staff are also entitled to refuse entry to the CET auditorium to anyone with a valid ticket who arrives after the start of the performance, in order to avoid disturbing the performance or the audience. It is up to staff to decide whether and where any person who arrives late will be seated.
  8. Visitors to the theatre are prohibited from disturbing other theatregoers with noise (talking, music, singing, using mobile phones and mobile playback devices, loud displays or other similar activities) or in any way making other theatregoers uncomfortable during their visit to the theatre. Failure to comply with this condition may be grounds for removal from CET premises without refund.
  9. The theatregoer is obliged to produce a valid ticket at the request of a CET staff member. Anyone who is unable to do this will be asked to leave CET premises and, where they refuse, will be removed.
  10. The purchased ticket is valid only for the specified day and time and for the specified performance. For the reason stated in the provision of § 1837, clause j.), Act No. 89/2012 Coll. of the Civil Code, it is not possible to withdraw after the purchase of a ticket, because it relates to a contract for the use of one’s free time. The performance to which the ticket entitles the holder (participation in the performance) is provided for a precisely determined, time-limited period, i.e., a unique period of time. Exceptions may be made in the case of impediments caused by CET, such as cancellations or a change in the performance. The programme is subject to change.
  11. A ticket is only valid when it is unaltered, undamaged, and complete, and entitles the holder to only one entry to CET premises. Counterfeiting a ticket is a criminal offence.
  12. Every theatregoer, regardless of age, must have a separate ticket. Any unauthorized interference with the ticket invalidates the ticket and its holder will not be allowed to enter CET premises. Any theatregoer applying for a discount on the admission price (students, seniors, disabled persons, etc) is obliged to submit a document proving eligibility for the discount at the request of a CET staff member.
  13. The theatregoer is advised to store outer clothing in the CET cloakroom, such as a coats or any kind of luggage. The cloakrooms on CET premises are free of charge. In case of loss of a cloakroom token/ticket, the theatregoer will be obliged to pay a fee of CZK 50.
  14. Items stored in the cloakroom, the ownership of which the theatregoer cannot prove with a cloakroom token/ticket, will be released only after they have been described in detail and after the performance has properly ended.
  15. Items left/forgotten in the cloakroom after the proper end of the performance will be stored at the CET box office.

Safety precautions

  1. Entry for visitors is restricted to the auditorium and those parts of the building intended for the public; in the auditorium, it is forbidden to enter the stage area, the technical areas, or other facilities of the theatre. Exemptions are made for excursions supervised by a responsible CET staff member and visits to these areas in the framework of a performance.
  2. For safety reasons, carrying or using any kind of weapon, including replicas and also drones, is forbidden on CET premises.
  3. Anyone who notices a defect in CET premises or facilities that might endanger the peoples’ safety or a defect that threatens damage to property is obliged to immediately report the defect to a CET staff member.
  4. Smoking or any kind of manipulation with open flames is prohibited in all areas of CET premises, except in the case of approved effects that are part of a stage production.
  5. In the event of a fire, all persons are obliged to remain calm and follow the instructions of CET staff members.
  6. In the event of an evacuation of CET premises, every person on CET premises at that time is obliged to follow the evacuation plan and follow the instructions of the CET fire wardens, CET staff, and other authorized persons managing the evacuation. At their request, each person is obliged to leave the building immediately along the designated routes, marked by the green arrows and information signs that indicate the escape routes.
  7. Anyone who witnesses an accident, concerning any person, is obliged to inform a CET staff member. A first aid kit is available from CET staff.


Protection of property and liability for damages 

  1. In order to safeguard visitors and the building, selected areas are equipped with a recorded security camera system.
  2. Theatregoers are obliged to hand over any objects found in the theatre to CET staff.
  3. Any kind of photography, audio or video recording, and the use of mobile phones is prohibited during a performance. Unauthorized use, transmission or reproduction of the CET logo is also prohibited.
  4. On CET premises, the theatregoer must comply with the CET policy which prohibits the promotion of political movements or associations.
  5. CET is not liable for damage that is caused as a direct result of the activities of another organizer or guest, even where it provides auditorium services. In such a case, CET will only be liable for damage that is caused as a direct result of the technical condition and security of its premises.
  6. CET is not liable for damage caused to the property or health of theatregoers where it is caused by the irresponsible approach of persons present who are not CET staff.
  7. Compensation for all damage caused by a theatregoer will be recovered in accordance with the applicable legislation. The theatregoer is obliged to pay for all damage to the theatre that he/she has caused.
  8. CET reserves the right to change or supplement CET Regulations for Visitors. 

We thank the audience for their support and understanding, and for respecting CET Regulations for Visitors.