Foto: Magdalena Minolová

Peter Shaffer:
Amadeus (i.e. Beloved by God) - Hommage à Miloš Forman

Are we able to withstand light - when it too vehemently shines in our eyes?

Milan Uhde/Miloš Štědroň:
Ballad for a Bandit

The legend returns after thirty years. With a bloody passion and love.

J. A. Pitínský:
Bethlehem, or the great adoration of the newborn Christ child

The Christmas comedy about the birth of Jesus Christ. Live Nativity scene with Mary, Joseph, Herod, shepherds, angels and devils. Battle between good and evil, love and hate. Two thousand years old message in a fragile verses by J. A. Pitínský.

Jiří Jelínek and Anežka Kubátová:
Dášeňka or Doggy tales - Woof!

Intermezzo of the Čapek on a string – actually, on a leash – project. Fairy cabaret for puppies since 4 years.

Milan Uhde/Miloš Štědroň:
Leoš or the Most Loyal Play

After the legendary Ballad for a Bandit there follows a new staging by Milan Uhde and Miloš Štědroň, this time on the theme of Leoš Janáček. The bound workbooks of rather ridiculous loves about the remarkable life and the fascinating work of a genius composer. The three Janáčeks (as a boy, as a young man, as a mature man) and six women (Marička, Amálie W., Mrs Sch., Zdenka, Gabriela H., Kamila St.) reveal their hearts, longing and disappointment into some kind of book of very Laughable Loves.

M. Forman, J. Papoušek, I. Passer:
Loves of a Blonde - Blondes of a Love

The story of the loves of a blonde is not just an anecdote about a girl who believed more than she thought, but it is first and foremost a parable, a brilliant metaphor about a mad, glittering and funny 1960s phenomenon.

Foto: Jakub Jíra

Jaroslav Hašek:
Mein Švejk (Operetta. Comedy. Death.)

All humans are descended from carps

Josef and Karel Čapek:
Oh! What a spectacle!

Prologue to Čapek's (Čapeks') project at the DHNP.

"Who the hell forces you want to be identified with butterflies or beetles, crickets and mayflies?"

Václav Havel:
Prade or Václav Havel's Hunt For a Pig

The plot: An English journalist wants to know everything about the hopes of Europe, the Czech soul and Gorbachev. So he visits Havel at the Hrádeček, he wants to debate with Havel, infer, and juggle with deeper meanings and shallow subtexts. in the end, however, he learns one thing: Everyone go to hell! And this is Václav Havel, the great humanist ... if it were not for that pig ...

F. M. Dostoyevsky:
Prince Myshkin is an Idiot

“A lot of unhealthy had matured here.”

Simona Petrů, Petr Jan Kryštof:
Silent Tarzan (stolen diaries of a phantom of erotic photos)

A loner, outsider, madman or a genius? or Silent photographer from Kyjov

A drinker or, perhaps better said, alcoholic, obsessed with women, a greasy-haired destitute thug ... dressed meagrely ... with a ridiculous camera made from a roll of toilet paper ...

Ondřej Novotný:
Strange Beetle or Who Killed John Lennon

About love, self-pleasure and God's human needs.

I´ll be a monster. Let me be at least something. 

Božena Němcová, Petr Oslzlý, Ivo Krobot:
The Grandmother: Happy Woman!

Fetishist revue

Incredible news: Jiří Pecha turned 70 in November 2014! And how else can such a great actor celebrate his birthday than by working, so we are bringing back The Grandmother.