Rules of the Cathouse

KKRD Boys et al.
director: Anna Davidová

A squirt in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Where are the limits of bad taste? How much more can the stage take? The theatrical seeing-to of the season. A journey far beyond the imaginary bounds of decency. A test of the audience’s balls. A Brno ode to laddishness. You need no longer be alone with your deviance! We will satisfy your darkest imaginings.

Rules of the Cathouse directed by Anna Davidová is based on the non-PC texts from the cult internet blog by the anonymous Brno group KKRD Boys, awarded a prestigious Magnesia Litera prize in 2017.

The performance is not suitable for “Decent People”, those of a sensitive disposition and juveniles up to 15 years old.

stage production team

  • Režie: Anna Davidová
  • Dramaturgie: Eva Petláková
  • Výprava: Petra Vlachynská
  • Hudba: Pavel Zlámal and Brünnwerk
  • Inspice: Lenka Jirků
  • Foto: Braňo Konečný

persons and cast


May 12, 2019 V Sklepní scéně DHNP


90 min

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