Silence on Earth

Dodo Gombár
director: Dodo Gombár

tales of airport silence

A seemingly ordinary day at an airport somewhere in Europe. Passengers quietly wait for their flight. And also for something to change in their lives, for love or a miracle. Together and yet alone. In the silence of anonymous waiting, long-buried memories surface along with life’s big questions, which suddenly cannot be avoided. Stories begin to develop before the audience’s eyes which seem to call for a shared denouement. Is this the silence before the storm?

Do we know how to be alone with our thoughts? And do we know how to be together? How much do we really need to know about a person before we can say that we know them?

In contemporary Western society, where philosophers, sociologists and psychologists are increasingly decrying the disappearance of spaces for silence and concentration, this production by the playwright and director Dodo Gombár offers an unexpectedly exciting experience from a silence which is charged with emotions, the shared language of the 7.5 billion inhabitants of Planet Earth.


Gombár na Provázku rozehrál ticho. Divadelní experiment, který vyžaduje divákovu ochotu

stage production team

  • director: Dodo Gombár
  • dramaturge: Martin Sládeček
  • scenography: Marek Hollý
  • costume designer: Hana Knotková
  • musical collaboration: David Rotter
  • choreography cooperation: Ján Ševčík
  • stage manager: Hana Senková
  • Assistant dramaturgy: Marie Mlatečková
  • photographer: Patrik Borecký


May 31, 2019 - provázek.sál


90 min