Tichý Tarzan

Simona Petrů, Petr Jan Kryštof
directed by Anna Davidová

the purloined diaries of a shadowy figure in erotic photography

An alcoholic obsessed with women; a shabbily dressed thug with greasy hair and a ridiculous camera made out of a toilet-roll tube. Prowling around the outdoor swimming pool, taking pictures of local beauties in their swimsuits. A pervert? Miroslav Tichý!

His neighbours considered him eccentric at best; these days this native of Kyjov is regarded as one of the most important photographers of the 20th century, whose often overexposed or underexposed soft-focus images have become the stuff of legends.

Yesterday a reprehensible voyeur, today a genius – and tomorrow? Avant-garde, Impressionism, Cubism and other types of filth.

Anna Davidová (1984), with her dreamy directorial poetics and lively creativity, is considered to be among the most significant directing talents of the younger generation. Since January 2019, she has been artistic director of Husa na provázku Theatre. Prior to this post, as a freelance director, she created here several productions that have been highly acclaimed by both public audiences and professional spectators. She won the Theatre Critics’ Award in the category of Talent of the Year.

For her portrayal of Miroslav Tichý, Ivana Hloužková won an Alfréd Radok Award and was nominated for a Thalia Award.

stage production team

  • director: Anna Davidová
  • dramaturge: Josef Kovalčuk
  • decor: Lucie Labajová
  • music: Petr Hromádka
  • stage manager: Lenka Jirků and Hana Senková
  • photographer: Jakub Jíra

persons and cast


Jan 13, 2012 - provázek.sklep


95 minutes, without an intermission