Turnová’s Grove

Eva Turnová, Sabina Machačová
director: Gabriela Ženatá

The present as seen by Eva Turnová? A drama concert!

A lively and (self)ironically charged drama concert based on the writings of Eva Turnová. Bass guitarist and singer with the band Plastic People of the Universe, composer, painter and, above all, columnist par excellence.

It is her extremely popular, darkly humorous commentaries on the present day, published in the magazines Instinkt and Reflex from 2012 onwards, which form the basis of this stage show about the world seen through the eyes of an intelligent and slightly cynical woman living in Czechia today. About a world that can sometimes make a person’s mind boggle – unless their name is Eva Turnová or they have her ability to describe the ills of the modern day accurately, concisely and with a disarming dose of humour.

stage production team

  • Režie: Gabriela Ženatá
  • Dramaturgie: Miroslav Oščatka
  • Výprava: Magdalena Paráčková
  • Hudba: Martin Evžen Kyšperský
  • Pohybová spolupráce: Ondřej Jiráček
  • Foto: Jakub Jíra

persons and cast


Mar 23, 2018 V Sklepní scéně DHNP


90 min

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