Kateřina Tučková
Directed by Anna Davidová

a sinfonietta about a femme fatale from Brno

She began composing at the age of nine. She conducted the Czech Philharmonic and the BBC Orchestra. She established herself in a field that is still largely the preserve of men and surrounded herself with numerous lovers. She maintained a longstanding romantic and creative relationship with Bohuslav Martinů, who was married and a quarter of a century her senior. She died at the age of twenty-five. She remains one of the most frequently performed Czech composers. She even has her own postage stamp. If she had lived longer, she would have been one of the most famous Czech women.

A production by director Anna Davidová and writer Kateřina Tučková about the talent and passions of the Brno-based composer, conductor and femme fatale Vítězslava Kaprálová. A story of the tenacity with which a person can follow their desires and search for their purpose in life, in defiance of expectations. A story of an unbridled, passionate free spirit – in defiance of everything and everyone!

Anna Davidová (1984), with her dreamy directorial poetics and lively creativity, is considered to be among the most significant directing talents of the younger generation. Since January 2019, she has been artistic director of Husa na provázku Theatre. Prior to this post, as a freelance director, she created here several productions that have been highly acclaimed by both public audiences and professional spectators. She won the Theatre Critics’ Award in the category of Talent of the Year.

Tereza Marečková won the Divadelní Noviny Award for the role of Vitka.


Vitka: osud ženy mezi muži
Výjimečná žena budiž posuzována jako muž!
Hudba nepatří jen mužům

stage production team

  • director: Anna Davidová
  • dramaturge: Lucie Němečková
  • scenography: Lenka Odvárková
  • costume designer: Hana Knotková
  • music: Petr Hromádka , Vítězslava Kaprálová and Bohuslav Martinů
  • stage manager: Lenka Jirků and Nikol Hlávková
  • assistant director: Matej Synák
  • photographer: Jakub Jíra

persons and cast


Feb 23, 2018 - provázek.sál


140 minutes, with an intermission

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